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The  Link Between Alcohol and Suicide

According to an article published by The Recovery Village, Updated in July 14, 2023, Suicide and drinking are linked. Drunk people are more likely to commit suicide. Being drunk makes you more likely to attempt suicide because you have less self-control and often have a lower mood than when you are sober. Many people are more suicidal when drunk than when they are sober. Doctors think this happens because being drunk loosens the self-restraint you feel. Drunk people are known to have a hard time weighing the pros and cons of decisions, and finding solutions to problems. Therefore, you may have suicidal thoughts after drinking. When you are sober, even though you may think about suicide, you have the self-control to not do it because you can think through your actions. Doctors believe that drunk people tend to be more depressed than when they are sober. The combination of these two factors leads to a higher risk of suicide when you are drunk. 

Alcohol Suicide Stats:

Alcohol is involved in many suicide attempts. Studies show that about 39% of emergency room visits for suicide attempts involve alcohol/ drugs. Many other attempts end up being successful cases of suicide by alcohol: 

22% of deaths by suicide occur in drunk people.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: In relation to adolescent risk taking and drinking: A sizable body of research links the early initiation of alcohol use to unsafe alcohol-related behaviors. In general underage drinking can lead adolescents to make poor decisions and engage in potentially harmful behavior that can result in a range of negative consequences, such as injuries, sexual assaults, and even death.  The areas of the brain involved in planning and decision-making (the prefrontal cortex) are the last areas to mature, typically at least into the mid-20s. 



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